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Piece of Mind Cake

May 17th, 2011 • Paul H-O
Serendipity, cohesion, and conceptual width. Until May 28 at Elga Wimmer PCC 526 West 26th Street #310 New York, NY 10001   ARTISTS:  Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Melanie Bonajo, T.R. Ericsson, Faith Holland, Yeji Jun, Lisa Levy, Sono Osato, Carrie Mae Rose, Jason Swift, Jil Weinstock http://www3.fitnyc.edu/artmarket/pieceofmind/pr.html What happens when a fresh faced group of twelve F.I.T. graduate student curators spend a year combing the New York art base  more »

Talk Show Rocks

January 31st, 2011 • Paul H-O
Panorama - Talk Show 4 by  Phil Buehler
The Cooking with Gallerybeat Talk Show went quite well and was in fact, oversubscribed as standing room went out into the hallway of BravinLee Programs. Video and reporting coming right up - soon. Photo and 2nd cam by Phil Buehler. From left to right_ Pat Daugherty, Paul H-O, Lisa Levy, Jena Friedman (standing) and audience.

GalleryBeat Talk Show 3 With Luther Russell

January 3rd, 2011 • Paul H-O
Special late summer takes GBM Talk Show to the burbs, babes, and barbeques at the palatial mansion of Guiness Book record holder of massive nude-in's, artist Spencer Tunick (husband of Kristin Bowler-Tunick). A fiasco with large plastic cups and a dedicated crew somehow manage to swing it into a win against nudes, painter of nudes,  more »

Cooking With GalleryBeat, the Talkshow #2 Starring Oliver Wasow

August 20th, 2010 • Paul H-O This clip from Talkshow #2, taped in front of a clamoring live audience at Brooklyn's Pierogi gallery, features artist and Facebook wizard Oliver Wasow.  Oliver was the owner of one of the seminal artist-run galleries in New York City, Cash Newhouse.  The East Village and downtown NYC churned out many of the great American artists in that short but hot time from the mid/late 70s and into the 80s, including the likes of Cindy Sherman, Jim Jarmusch, and Patti Smith.  Hosted, as always, by GalleryBeat's own Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa Levy, with her Rx pad at the ready.  Artist Jim Torok is on exhibition, Rev Jen, Fuzzanova, Hula hoop artist Jacqui Becker and gallerist visionary HUDSON of Feature Inc. were also on the bill.  GB Producer - Paul H-O, Samantha Schlaifer, Cameras - Gaia Baldini, Aimee Graham, Editor - Gaia Baldini.

GalleryBeat covers the Shepard Fairey opening at Deitch Projects

May 17th, 2010 • Lisa
Dr. Lisa and Samantha Schlaifer sneak into the Shepard Fairey opening at Deitch and get what they came for. Includes interviews with Shepard Fairey, Jeffrey Deitch, and Kim Hastreiter of Paper Magazine.

Live with Dr. Lisa and the Host Guy - Friday the 9th April

April 5th, 2010 • Paul H-O
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Come to hipster-shitty Williamsburg to an event that isn't artsy /hipster and not cool! Thus it's un-cool and pissing irony but fun and we just get down on the love for our guests and that is enough ands, and we are doing it because it's our amazing and not-amazing because we're like terrible capitalists. But in a really good venue, Pierogi 2000!