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Cooking With GalleryBeat, the Talkshow #2 Starring Oliver Wasow

August 20th, 2010 • Paul H-O This clip from Talkshow #2, taped in front of a clamoring live audience at Brooklyn's Pierogi gallery, features artist and Facebook wizard Oliver Wasow.  Oliver was the owner of one of the seminal artist-run galleries in New York City, Cash Newhouse.  The East Village and downtown NYC churned out many of the great American artists in that short but hot time from the mid/late 70s and into the 80s, including the likes of Cindy Sherman, Jim Jarmusch, and Patti Smith.  Hosted, as always, by GalleryBeat's own Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa Levy, with her Rx pad at the ready.  Artist Jim Torok is on exhibition, Rev Jen, Fuzzanova, Hula hoop artist Jacqui Becker and gallerist visionary HUDSON of Feature Inc. were also on the bill.  GB Producer - Paul H-O, Samantha Schlaifer, Cameras - Gaia Baldini, Aimee Graham, Editor - Gaia Baldini.

Cooking with GalleryBeat, The Talk Show #2 LIVE at Pierogi 2000

June 2nd, 2010 • Paul H-O
This is the second tremendous blow to the fine arts in New York; the first being GalleryBeat itself, then the bold move into creating a GalleryBeat Talk Show that puts everyone in the artist's seat, and it burns, baby. But it's only art, and it's alive! Taped LIVE on April 19th,  at Pierogi 2000, 177 North 9th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. This show includes guests Fuzzanova, Jim Torok, Reverand Jen, Oliver Wasow, HUDSON, Jaqui Becker with Syrie Moskowitz and hosted by Dr. Lisa Levy and Paul H-O. GB Producer - Paul H-O, Samantha Schlaifer, Cameras - Gaia Baldini, Aimee Graham, Editor - Gaia Baldini

Artist Fred Tomaselli on Cooking with GalleryBeat

April 13th, 2010 • Paul H-O
Good friend and top-drawer artist Fred Tomaselli gives Lisa and Paul the inside scoop on his work and the artworld. This show was taped on February 13th, 2010, at the Frederieke Taylor Gallery in Chealsea and the first talk show. Try it, it just gets tastier as the acid kicks in.

Live with Dr. Lisa and the Host Guy - Friday the 9th April

April 5th, 2010 • Paul H-O
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Come to hipster-shitty Williamsburg to an event that isn't artsy /hipster and not cool! Thus it's un-cool and pissing irony but fun and we just get down on the love for our guests and that is enough ands, and we are doing it because it's our amazing and not-amazing because we're like terrible capitalists. But in a really good venue, Pierogi 2000!

Jane Fine @ Pierogi 2000

March 30th, 2010 • Paul H-O
Paul and Dr. Lisa visit Pierogi 2000 to see the Jane Fine show and try to get into the head of the artist with all of the interpretive power we can muster. We don't usually do that - preferring to let the work speak on it's own, and we haven't talked to Jane Fine for a better insight. No we do it cold turkey, even with absurd distractions. Yet in the end the work is the work, and it's mighty Fine, distinctively complex with intuitive eruptions of emotive execution. The show was back in the fall 2009, and we use the critical calendar set by Art in America Magazine, where timeless is months behind.