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GalleryBeat Talk Show #4 Highlights Composer Pat Daugherty - Part 2 of 6

February 10th, 2011 • Paul H-O
The amazing and versatile composer/musician Pat Daugherty entertains us with stories and music from his recent exploits with Snoop Dogg, Ornette Coleman, David Bowie, and Los Ballets des Folkloricos. Paul spills water on his laptop and Lisa loses track of the guest line-up. Very GalleryBeat. From the Cooking with GalleryBeat Live Show at BravinLee Programs in New York on 1/29/11. Hosted by Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa and starring Phoebe Hoban (author of the new biography on painter Alice Neel), Pat Daughherty (composer/musician working with Snoop Dog to Ornette Coleman). Jena Friedman (comedian/actor TV & film) Peter Bolte (director - Dandelion Man, The Greims) and John Post Lee of BravinLee gallery.

Talk Show Rocks

January 31st, 2011 • Paul H-O
Panorama - Talk Show 4 by  Phil Buehler
The Cooking with Gallerybeat Talk Show went quite well and was in fact, oversubscribed as standing room went out into the hallway of BravinLee Programs. Video and reporting coming right up - soon. Photo and 2nd cam by Phil Buehler. From left to right_ Pat Daugherty, Paul H-O, Lisa Levy, Jena Friedman (standing) and audience.

Cooking With GalleryBeat, the Talkshow #2 Starring Oliver Wasow

August 20th, 2010 • Paul H-O This clip from Talkshow #2, taped in front of a clamoring live audience at Brooklyn's Pierogi gallery, features artist and Facebook wizard Oliver Wasow.  Oliver was the owner of one of the seminal artist-run galleries in New York City, Cash Newhouse.  The East Village and downtown NYC churned out many of the great American artists in that short but hot time from the mid/late 70s and into the 80s, including the likes of Cindy Sherman, Jim Jarmusch, and Patti Smith.  Hosted, as always, by GalleryBeat's own Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa Levy, with her Rx pad at the ready.  Artist Jim Torok is on exhibition, Rev Jen, Fuzzanova, Hula hoop artist Jacqui Becker and gallerist visionary HUDSON of Feature Inc. were also on the bill.  GB Producer - Paul H-O, Samantha Schlaifer, Cameras - Gaia Baldini, Aimee Graham, Editor - Gaia Baldini.

SWELL Show 2010

July 16th, 2010 • Paul H-O A slide show shot and edited by photographer Garett Holden covering the opening of the SWELL show which opened June 30th at Nyehaus, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, and Metro Pictures.  SWELL  covers the life, times, and art of the surfer/artists of Venice Beach to Malibu, including New York based artists with connections and inspirations to the subject at hand.  SWELL is curated by Jacqueline Miro and Tim Nye.  The SWELL website can be checked out here and Garett's website can be found here.

Jaclyn Santos of "Work of Art" Intimate and Unguarded with Dr. Lisa

July 1st, 2010 • Lisa

Dr. Lisa performs psychoanalysis on Jaclyn Santos at the open call line at White Columns for the Bravo, "Work of Art" show last July, before Jaclyn even was reviewed by Bravo for the show.  more »

Cooking with GalleryBeat, The Talk Show #2 LIVE at Pierogi 2000

June 2nd, 2010 • Paul H-O
This is the second tremendous blow to the fine arts in New York; the first being GalleryBeat itself, then the bold move into creating a GalleryBeat Talk Show that puts everyone in the artist's seat, and it burns, baby. But it's only art, and it's alive! Taped LIVE on April 19th,  at Pierogi 2000, 177 North 9th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. This show includes guests Fuzzanova, Jim Torok, Reverand Jen, Oliver Wasow, HUDSON, Jaqui Becker with Syrie Moskowitz and hosted by Dr. Lisa Levy and Paul H-O. GB Producer - Paul H-O, Samantha Schlaifer, Cameras - Gaia Baldini, Aimee Graham, Editor - Gaia Baldini

Interview of New Yorker cartoonist, Edward Koren, with Dr. Lisa

May 27th, 2010 • Lisa
In this interview at the Luise Ross Gallery on May 1, 2010, Dr. Lisa turns her sights on getting to the bottom of what makes star New Yorker cartoonist, Edward Koren tick. He's complicated but his love of drawing and firefighting are obvious.  more »