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Art Net: The Life and Times of Walter Robinson by Andrew Russeth, The Observer

January 25th, 2012 • Paul H-O
New feature on the wily and wooly star of GalleryBeat Television, the artist, critic, editor of artnet.com magazine. Walter has been a good friend since 1988 and this is a very complex matrix of sources. The article itself reminds me a good cubist painting, like a Braque, an image I wouldn't expect at all. I may change my mind, but for now I'm happy that comprehensive attention is being paid to the eminent Walter (Mike) Robinson.

The B.Wurtz Show is the Art of a Distant Future Past

August 18th, 2011 • Paul H-O
Charmaine Wheatley - Wurtz blubagbloview ruler
Location: Metro Pictures
Exihibiton: NYC June 22 to August 5, 2011

Prologue:  Charmaine Wheatley and I had a series of conversations about artist, B. Wurtz, because he was having a retrospective in Chelsea.  She said, "you told me about Wurtz like a year ago and I looked at his work online and was atypically into his "assemblage" sculpture so when I read in TimeOut he had a show up at Metro Pics I headed over. It was high on my list of priorities. Then I emailed you, "I went and loved it".  Then she wrote back to talk about it, but she started drawing the work she liked.  Ms.Wheatley rules in her own realm, deliberate cartooning with precise writing, attention to detail and subject that reminds me of monks quilling illustrated tomes.  She said maybe we should try to do something together about the Wurtz show. I saw the first drawings and thought, I'll try to use these black marks that come out of these buttons to keep Charmaine's pictures from touching, so people can see them better.  It's a work-in-progress and we will stick with Wurtz in the spirit of Wurtz; simply, working with material we bought at the wrong kind of store.  I can't work the layout code here worth a damn.  (Charmaine's images either shrink or explode)  Maybe some smart graphic artist will come in and fix it.  That was how it worked before, when I had a camera and it would drive people nuts, and someone took it out my hands.

Buttons, the kind we use for clothing, are one of Wurtz's earlier object elements. It's hard to avoid buttons, and for hundreds of years we've had them, and they're still here. He specializes in monuments to efficient, proven technology like tin cans, shoelaces, coat hangers. Common materials our society uses every day, every class, and taken for granted.

Wow, there is a lot of work in this show.  I thought Wurtz's work would be in one gallery room or two, but he's got the whole big box gallery. It's hot as hell in here too. I feel for the front desk people - giant walls of glass facing south, one could grow dope easy in here.  A-list galleries in Chelsea are sleek, white, gas guzzlers. Why not have ceiling fans?

Metro is a humongus fancy gallery, with a museum scale show by Feature Inc's very own B. Wurtz, International Artist of Mystery. Feature is a medium-sized gallery that has been a hothouse for talent. (talent often lured to greener pastures). Feature WAS in Chelsea but went back downtown, where vacant storefronts and mixed class neighborhoods still exist for about another 15 minutes.

B.Wurtz had an early rise along with Feature, and it's weird alien flavor, and was instantly recognized as an 'artist's' gallery.  Wurtz maintains his conceptual and material integrity to the humble degree that he's been professionally back-burnered in the fashion industry of art.  Word has it that some early work has been acquired by one of the major museums uptown.  Summer in Chelsea is not where the art market is, and rare, very good art like this, will go unseen and undersold.  We did wonder what was behind it, is he poised to become the veteran mine canary of our economic demise?

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Judy Rifka Wrecks Hotel Room - GBM Exclusive

March 6th, 2011 • Paul H-O
WHEN ART STARS TRASH - Where: DUAL @ POOL Art Fair @ The Gershwin Hotel NYC Did art star Judy Rifka have it in for Billy The ArtStar? (BTA) There is conjecture on the subject when during yesterdays press interview with BTA. As he was talking about his new work all attention was suddenly diverted as Rifka began taking the room apart. Can Judy play nice with others? Dr. Lisa Levy gives analysis for GalleryBeat at the scene, DUAL. Camera by Paul and Hosted by Lisa and Paul - Dual curated by Savannah Spirit  - All Rights Reserved GalleryBeat and Paul H-O 2011.

Dual @ Pool Art Fair

March 5th, 2011 • Paul H-O
If Facebook is Any Indication... DUAL - curated by Savannah Spirit. Artists include BTA, Chambliss Giobi, Max Langhurst, Christopher Lee, Tara Meisenheimer, John D. Monteith, Judy Rifka, Sadie Weis, Agnis Zotis, Frantic F Emme (performance) In the battle of the art fairs this weekend I wouldn't even dare to put odds on anything other than to say the Gershwin Hotel has a head start on eccentric. It is a genuine oddity and a throwback to another decade from the last century. In the location (7 E 27th St. NYC) just look for the red building with huge white horn shaped things protruding from the  more »

I Like the Art World and The Art World Likes Me

March 5th, 2011 • Paul H-O
GalleryBeat Media Report:  GO SEE THE SHOW OPEN UNTIL MARCH 5
Curated by Eric Doeringer, this artist manque group show (look it up) delivers a number of blows against the Empire. Exhibited in the less spacious gallery it inhabited in Chelsea, even the non-profit Elizabeth Foundation in it's present space serves as a gritty reminder that all is not well in the art world masked in image maintenance. They could use some shades, that would help. The show itself is hilarious and informative while exhibiting an excellent skill set of art that dares to critique artist and the establishment the artist so dearly wants to be part of, maybe.
EFA Project Space, 323 W 39th St. NYC  Part 1 Hosted by Paul H-O and Lisa Levy assisted by Phil Beuhler. GalleryBeat. net is  almost non-commercial, we'd like to change that.

Jim Evans: Artist Decoded Trailer

December 15th, 2010 • Paul H-O
In the covert world of rock posters and the artists that create them, there is a hierachy of trend setters that rarely come out behind the wall of graphics. Jim Evans can trace his vector from working with Rick Griffin and the psychedelic era, to working with Nirvana, Fugazi, U2  more »

Dandelion Man: The DVD release

December 15th, 2010 • Paul H-O
Here we go: Peter Bolte is a good all-around filmmaker and good pal and he wants to release his newest feature film on DVD.  Excellent chance to become a micro-producer.  Hit "more" to see Peter's links and info about the project:  more »