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20 Top Art Documentaries - Artinfo February 12, 2012

February 12th, 2013 • Paul H-O
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By Tamara Weg


Nice list, thank you Tamara and Artinfo.com

Still from the film "Herb and Dorothy"

List in order of appearance until the last few

1."Basquiat, The Radient Child" - 2. "Guest of Cindy Sherman" - 3. "Manufactured Landscapes" 4. The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" - 5. "The Woodmans" - 6. "Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry" - 7. "Eames, the Architect and the Painter" - 8. "!Women Art Revolution" - 9. "Herb and Dorothy" - 10. "Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies" - 11. "Black, White, and Gray" - 12. "In the Realm of the Unreal" - 13. "Crumb" - 14. "Gerhard Richter Painting" - 15. "Louise Bourgeois, The Spider, The Mistress..." - 16. "Beauty is Embarrassing" - 17. "Waste Land" - 18. "Here is Always Somewhere Else" 19. "Ballet Russ" - 20. "Gregory Crewdson, Third Encounters"

Note: Tamara has worked with GalleryBeat, I'm proud to say and always hope we shall again. If there is a caveat, it's the Banksy film, "Exit Through the Gift Shop". It not only should be here but is better than Guest of Cindy Sherman and most of these films.

Classic GBTV Seedy Television, Beautiful People

January 25th, 2012 • Paul H-O
Episode 75 Part 3 of 3 (a really wonderful moment with missed Pat Hearn, Kristin Bowler in the bumper, fun) A long time ago, in the distant year 1994, an art fair started by medium sized art dealers Pat Hearn, Colin De Land, and Lisa Spellman started an art fair in the the historically seedy Gramercy Hotel. That is it I can't repeat it. It's all in 2 and 3.

1986: The One Time I Produced an Artist's Book

June 9th, 2011 • Paul H-O
 The Man Nobody Killed by David Hammons

David Hammons, The Man Nobody Killed screened spray paint on corrugated cardboard, 8.5"X11", 1986

By Paul H-O

How was I to know David Hammons would become huge? I did not. I never thought about it. I'd met Mr. Hammons at the Horseshoe Bar (or Vazacs) at 7th St. and Ave. B in 1984 or '85 through artist Cynthia Kuebel when she was living on Clinton St. near Delancey. I'd only moved to New York in September of '84 because I'd curated a traveling group multi-media exhibition I named SF/SF (San Francisco Science Fiction) and it was the the season opener at PS 1's Clocktower after being at the S.F. Arts Commission Gallery.   It was a post-art-punk installation of metal mechanical sculpture, some paintings, and some photographs my partner and 2nd co-curator Jo Babcock and I had driven in a rented U-Haul 24 foot truck. Once I got to NY after that trip from San Francisco, I had just enough personal belongings in that truck to live in New York.

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The Moving Story of The Mercer Street Medical Case (3:40 trailer)

April 27th, 2011 • Paul H-O
My version of Dr. House is real. New Documentary by Paul H-O in production - It's about Dr. Daryl Isaacs, the uniquely brilliant and prolific internist, gives me his story of the struggle with the American medical establishment fix - all specialists and no GP's. He demonstrates in check form, the insanity of 'health insurance' companies, a massive patient load and the surprising facts behind his inclusion in the film SUPERSIZE ME by new gen director Morgan Spurlock.. Oh, and he loses the lease on his medical practice and must move in May. It's April now and I'm shooting. "New York the Land of Dissinchantment" Reporting By Paul H-O Rough imaginary trailer for documentary now in production. Test mashup, I don't want trouble I was just borrowing it. 2011 4/24/11 A Filmlike Films and GalleryBeat Media Production Music by Don Chambers of Athens, Georgia

Jim Evans: Artist Decoded Trailer

December 15th, 2010 • Paul H-O
In the covert world of rock posters and the artists that create them, there is a hierachy of trend setters that rarely come out behind the wall of graphics. Jim Evans can trace his vector from working with Rick Griffin and the psychedelic era, to working with Nirvana, Fugazi, U2  more »

Dandelion Man: The DVD release

December 15th, 2010 • Paul H-O
Here we go: Peter Bolte is a good all-around filmmaker and good pal and he wants to release his newest feature film on DVD.  Excellent chance to become a micro-producer.  Hit "more" to see Peter's links and info about the project:  more »

Classic GalleryBeat Television

December 8th, 2010 • Paul H-O
Episode 75 Part 3 of 3 - In the final portion of this Classic GBTV episode the crew starts in American Fine Arts Co.' showroom where they meet the host from Cash from Chaos, their public-access competition, go to Pat Hearn Gallery to get their fill of scatological photography and bathroom bliss, and end up in the Jay Jopling/White Cube showroom where they meet Jay Jopling and Tracey Emin (and her bed). A long time ago, in the distant year 1994, an art fair started by medium sized art dealers Pat Hearn, Colin De Land, and Lisa Spellman started an art fair in the the historically seedy Gramercy Hotel. This was the beginning of the contemporary art fair in the U.S.  more »