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Cooking With GalleryBeat, the Talkshow #2 Starring Oliver Wasow

August 20th, 2010 • Paul H-O This clip from Talkshow #2, taped in front of a clamoring live audience at Brooklyn's Pierogi gallery, features artist and Facebook wizard Oliver Wasow.  Oliver was the owner of one of the seminal artist-run galleries in New York City, Cash Newhouse.  The East Village and downtown NYC churned out many of the great American artists in that short but hot time from the mid/late 70s and into the 80s, including the likes of Cindy Sherman, Jim Jarmusch, and Patti Smith.  Hosted, as always, by GalleryBeat's own Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa Levy, with her Rx pad at the ready.  Artist Jim Torok is on exhibition, Rev Jen, Fuzzanova, Hula hoop artist Jacqui Becker and gallerist visionary HUDSON of Feature Inc. were also on the bill.  GB Producer - Paul H-O, Samantha Schlaifer, Cameras - Gaia Baldini, Aimee Graham, Editor - Gaia Baldini.

Stephen Holt - "I've never heard of her"

December 8th, 2009 • Paul H-O
Dredged up this old bit from earlier this year. The dying gasps of free public access. When I still had cable :( I would occasionally see Mr. Holt and he never fails to lavish his audience with a kind of drag queen in man-drag nonsensibility bordering  more »

Slightly Used Trailer - Still Has Miles to Spare

November 18th, 2009 • Paul H-O
New GBTV was spawned by Guest of Cindy Sherman, the documentary.  more »