We Are Kickstarting a New Film - EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK

May 24th, 2012 • Paul H-O
Bloody tiltles

We/I have run several spots in the past year about THE MERCER STREET MEDICAL CASE. It's partially produced by GalleryBeat and backers for EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK, so please check out our Kickstarter Campaign and be a backer!

GalleryBeat is certainly different than most websites in that the coverage of art and culture can morph into video coverage, text driven reporting, live shows to film projects. GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN is the reason that GalleryBeat re-emerged in it's present weird form. It was always different, everyone worked for free except the web designers it took to get it up and running in the first place. I'll be talking about the past two years and the people who contributed so much, just for the fun of it, the learning experience and pressure that comes with events we generated. What we have in the hopper are interviews and stories with photographer/performance artist Chris Verene, classic pop artist Mel Ramos, and a snapshot video with Rick Prol, the painter that emerged as an icon of the 80s East Village.

New GBM Website for Mercer St. Medical Case - Kickstarting Soon

March 1st, 2012 • Paul H-O
Link to the new GBM website Mercer St. Medical Case Documentary Film Kickstarting Soon: Synopsis: Dr. Daryl Isaacs is a celebrated family man and physician, a co-star of SUPER SIZE ME, and suddenly faced with financial ruin when he can no longer afford the rent of his sprawling, art-filled Soho practice. After 30 years of medicine and longer hour of work than ever, Dr. Isaacs hits the existential wall, because he’s a complicated creature, uniquely gifted in his calling, but the ground has shifted under his feet, and it’s America. Paul H-O, patient, filmmaker and friend, responds to Isaacs' dilemma. Their connection is H-O’s film, Guest of Cindy Sherman. Isaacs was frantic, but he wasn't going down without a fight. He’s not alone as we learn. He has a team of support in Dr. Sapna Westley, the younger partner. It's “run and gun” verite with H-O embedded at the office for 2 months when Mercer Med goes homeless. That leads to a host of questions the GBM team attempt to answer in the unfolding story of life inside this unique facility. Has the “medical-industrial complex” eaten away at Mercer Medical, and will it survive? Are real family doctors a thing of the past? Rising star artist, and MSM patient Brian Alfred, tells his story of his experience of the first time in his life that he had a family doctor, because he finally has access to insurance, but also has started a family of his own.

The Gallerybeast Meets Streetfightin' Jesse Edwards

February 21st, 2012 • Paul H-O
Artist Jesse Edwards @ Klughaus - photo by Paul H-O 2012 GBM

Translation dubbed into English from the Italian and scraped up by this network. (bullshit) Let's just say I had to tune the edit so lips and words almost sync up.

I go to see this show because veteran artist and facebook phenom, Judy Rifka, insisted I meet her there, a gallery I never noticed was there. I'd been on that street to see the skaters and bmxers in the railed platform park under the Manhattan Bridge. In fact, I love the location. There aren't other galleries around and the hood reminds me of Flight of the Concords, which in fact, was filmed close by. Jesse Edwards is a funny, experienced street tagger artist with what I would assume is shred cred. That appeared through one comment on YTube and some asking around.

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GalleryBeat Live @ Brooklyn Museum with Kristin Bowler & Spencer Tunick

January 11th, 2012 • Paul H-O
PART 3 GalleryBeat @ The Brooklyn Museum - The Live Talk Show Married With Children (or The KRISSY SHOW) Kristin and Spencer have been together since 1994 and we discuss our long ties with GalleryBeat and regale the audience with tales of hooking up, and taking it on the road. their unique bond as the Lollapalooza of partners/artists/parents. Classic early clips from GalleryBeat Television make this one truly bizarre, yet lovable! CHECK OUT SPENCER'S see updates - and The Dead Sea Project. Also included on this show - Robin Cembalest of Artnews, Mrs.& Mr.: Kristin Bowler and Spencer Tunick, Ann Carr from the Web Series THE ACTRESS, Sanford Biggers and his big show at The BMuseum, and Dr. Daryl Isaacs, Head Physician of Mercer St. Medical. The show was taped in front of a live audience in the space-age wing of the museum, and it sounds like it. Part of the live COOKING WITH GALLERYBEAT @ THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM. Part 3.YOUR HOSTS PAUL H-O AND DR. LISA LEVY WITH MUSIC BY PAT DAUGHERTY New York Electric Piano DIRECTOR - PAUL H-O PRODUCERS -SAMANTHA SCHALIFER -LISA LEVY -PAUL H-O ASST. PRODUCERS -DEBRA KOWALSKI -TAMERA WEG PRODUCER - EVENT FUNDRAISERS -SONO OSATO -PAUL H-O CREATIVE TEAM -PHIL BUEHLER -LISA LEVY -SAMANTHA SCHLAIFER -DEBRA KOWALSKI -TAMERA WEG -SONO OSATO CAMS AND AP -ROGER ADAMS -TZIPORAH EDERY -KEATON VENTURA -PAUL H-O STILL PHOTOGRAPHY -PHIL BUEHLER -SAVANNAH SPIRIT -JUNG NAM LEE Sponsored by the -BROOKLYN MUSEUM -FILMLIKE'S GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN -RAFIK FILM AND VIDEO -SUPERFINE -RABBITHOLE STUDIOS -SPACIAL REHAB -SIXPOINT BREWERY -CONCRETE TV -GRAMERCY FLOWERS Special thanks to all that contributed to this special event -SALLY WILLIAMS - DIRECTOR OF PRESS RELATIONS BM -MARCUS ROMERO - BM -ADAM HUSTED - BM -OSARO HEMENDEZ - BM -JIM KELLY - BM ---ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PAUL H-O GBM 2011

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GalleryBeat/BM Feature Guest Robin Cembalest of ARTnews Part 2 (shortie)

January 5th, 2012 • Paul H-O
Part 2 (shortie) Live show 10/11

The long simmering appetizer video, Cooking with GalleryBeat @ The Brooklyn Museum, Part 2 (shortie V.) with Robin Cembalest is the Chief Editor of ARTnews, the oldest and largest circulation art magazine in the world as she speaks of the history of art media, art, and her adventures chasing down stories. This dish also comes with teaser spots of GB guests Mrs.& Mr.: Kristin Bowler and Spencer Tunick, Ann Carr from the Web Series THE ACTRESS, Sanford Biggers and his big show at The BMuseum, and Dr. Daryl Isaacs, Head Physician of Mercer St. Medical. The show was taped in front of a live audience in the space-age wing of the museum, and it sounds like it. Hosted by Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa. For the full interview refer to CWGB@BM Part 2 full length. And thanks for watching, you rock!

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Cooking with GalleryBeat @ The Brooklyn Museum Part 1 of 4

November 28th, 2011 • Paul H-O

The GalleryBeat live talk show, COOKING WITH GALLERYBEAT, avoided the skillet again by not cooking with strange fruit. We performed at the Brooklyn Museum's architectural futurama, the Rubin Pavilion on October 6th, 2011 as part of the museum's Thursday Night Series. Guests for this show were Mercer St. Medical's Dr. Daryl Isaacs, ArtNews Chief Editor Robin Cembalest, Upright Citizens Brigade's Ann Carr, World artist man/wife team Spencer and Kristin Bowler Tunick, and BM's main event artist, Sanford Biggers.

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Artist Brian Alfred - Discussing His Experience With Healthcare as An Artist

November 17th, 2011 • Paul H-O

ARTIST BRIAN ALFRED - Interview 1 > 5 mins

A few years back, he started to do well as an artist, first with New york art dealer Max Protetch, then Mary Boone, and then to London's mega gallery, Haunch of Venison. You can see his work on his website His work is a very distinctively skillful blend of painting, collage, and digital images that early on, focused on landscape but I first know him for his portraits that I saw in Mercer St. Medical, and worked back through his output to the work he is best known for. He was admired by his peers, known for extreme focus on his subject, a relentless work ethic and was approached by New York art dealers before he graduated. He'd encountered real interest for his work real fast, and deservedly so. The influences on his work run from Hokusai and Japanese woodblock print art to Warhol and Ruscha but of course there's more. (he grew up in Pittsburg PA) His work is clear, precise, and had gone though a palpable change since 9/11. It has, in many ways become neo-Orwellian.  more »