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Cooking with GalleryBeat @ Pierogi 2000 Show #2 with Oliver Wasow

August 29th, 2011 • Paul H-O
CWGB Talk@Piergo 2000 Show #2 -Facebook phenom Oliver Wasow is an acclaimed photography-based artist who also ran one of the best East Village art galleries in the 1980's: C.A.S.H Newhouse. Not only is his work in international collections, it has also graced the covers of Popular Mechanics and Visonaire. We, on the other hand, had noticed that he had garnered a huge following on Fb for his amazingly funny found photographs. He was working on a major book of found photographs. It was quite an interview that began on an easy pace, but like a sentence that scrunches down to tiny letters at the end - you could say that's what happened - he needed an hour and we only had 20 minutes. He was great, but never said a word to me since. I guess we could have added actual images but got sidetracked or I got lazy. Check out his site though, wonderful work. Correction - the gallery is named Pierogi 2000 is now corrected on the headline - sorry!

Piece of Mind Cake

May 17th, 2011 • Paul H-O
Serendipity, cohesion, and conceptual width. Until May 28 at Elga Wimmer PCC 526 West 26th Street #310 New York, NY 10001   ARTISTS:  Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Melanie Bonajo, T.R. Ericsson, Faith Holland, Yeji Jun, Lisa Levy, Sono Osato, Carrie Mae Rose, Jason Swift, Jil Weinstock http://www3.fitnyc.edu/artmarket/pieceofmind/pr.html What happens when a fresh faced group of twelve F.I.T. graduate student curators spend a year combing the New York art base  more »

Judy Rifka Wrecks Hotel Room - GBM Exclusive

March 6th, 2011 • Paul H-O
WHEN ART STARS TRASH - Where: DUAL @ POOL Art Fair @ The Gershwin Hotel NYC Did art star Judy Rifka have it in for Billy The ArtStar? (BTA) There is conjecture on the subject when during yesterdays press interview with BTA. As he was talking about his new work all attention was suddenly diverted as Rifka began taking the room apart. Can Judy play nice with others? Dr. Lisa Levy gives analysis for GalleryBeat at the scene, DUAL. Camera by Paul and Hosted by Lisa and Paul - Dual curated by Savannah Spirit  - All Rights Reserved GalleryBeat and Paul H-O 2011.

Dual @ Pool Art Fair

March 5th, 2011 • Paul H-O
If Facebook is Any Indication... DUAL - curated by Savannah Spirit. Artists include BTA, Chambliss Giobi, Max Langhurst, Christopher Lee, Tara Meisenheimer, John D. Monteith, Judy Rifka, Sadie Weis, Agnis Zotis, Frantic F Emme (performance) In the battle of the art fairs this weekend I wouldn't even dare to put odds on anything other than to say the Gershwin Hotel has a head start on eccentric. It is a genuine oddity and a throwback to another decade from the last century. In the location (7 E 27th St. NYC) just look for the red building with huge white horn shaped things protruding from the  more »

I Like the Art World and The Art World Likes Me

March 5th, 2011 • Paul H-O
GalleryBeat Media Report:  GO SEE THE SHOW OPEN UNTIL MARCH 5
Curated by Eric Doeringer, this artist manque group show (look it up) delivers a number of blows against the Empire. Exhibited in the less spacious gallery it inhabited in Chelsea, even the non-profit Elizabeth Foundation in it's present space serves as a gritty reminder that all is not well in the art world masked in image maintenance. They could use some shades, that would help. The show itself is hilarious and informative while exhibiting an excellent skill set of art that dares to critique artist and the establishment the artist so dearly wants to be part of, maybe.
EFA Project Space, 323 W 39th St. NYC  Part 1 Hosted by Paul H-O and Lisa Levy assisted by Phil Beuhler. GalleryBeat. net is  almost non-commercial, we'd like to change that.

GalleryBeat Talk Show #4 Highlights Composer Pat Daugherty - Part 2 of 6

February 10th, 2011 • Paul H-O
The amazing and versatile composer/musician Pat Daugherty entertains us with stories and music from his recent exploits with Snoop Dogg, Ornette Coleman, David Bowie, and Los Ballets des Folkloricos. Paul spills water on his laptop and Lisa loses track of the guest line-up. Very GalleryBeat. From the Cooking with GalleryBeat Live Show at BravinLee Programs in New York on 1/29/11. Hosted by Paul H-O and Dr. Lisa and starring Phoebe Hoban (author of the new biography on painter Alice Neel), Pat Daughherty (composer/musician working with Snoop Dog to Ornette Coleman). Jena Friedman (comedian/actor TV & film) Peter Bolte (director - Dandelion Man, The Greims) and John Post Lee of BravinLee gallery.

Talk Show Rocks

January 31st, 2011 • Paul H-O
Panorama - Talk Show 4 by  Phil Buehler
The Cooking with Gallerybeat Talk Show went quite well and was in fact, oversubscribed as standing room went out into the hallway of BravinLee Programs. Video and reporting coming right up - soon. Photo and 2nd cam by Phil Buehler. From left to right_ Pat Daugherty, Paul H-O, Lisa Levy, Jena Friedman (standing) and audience.