20 Top Art Documentaries - Artinfo February 12, 2012

February 12th, 2013 • Paul H-O
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By Tamara Weg

Nice list, thank you Tamara and

Still from the film "Herb and Dorothy"

List in order of appearance until the last few

1."Basquiat, The Radient Child" - 2. "Guest of Cindy Sherman" - 3. "Manufactured Landscapes" 4. The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" - 5. "The Woodmans" - 6. "Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry" - 7. "Eames, the Architect and the Painter" - 8. "!Women Art Revolution" - 9. "Herb and Dorothy" - 10. "Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies" - 11. "Black, White, and Gray" - 12. "In the Realm of the Unreal" - 13. "Crumb" - 14. "Gerhard Richter Painting" - 15. "Louise Bourgeois, The Spider, The Mistress..." - 16. "Beauty is Embarrassing" - 17. "Waste Land" - 18. "Here is Always Somewhere Else" 19. "Ballet Russ" - 20. "Gregory Crewdson, Third Encounters"

Note: Tamara has worked with GalleryBeat, I'm proud to say and always hope we shall again. If there is a caveat, it's the Banksy film, "Exit Through the Gift Shop". It not only should be here but is better than Guest of Cindy Sherman and most of these films.

[dnasab] - Extreme feats of the New York New Aesthetic (sic)

October 4th, 2012 • Paul H-O
DNASAB Colliding - Disney
[dNASAb] (above) "Screenscaping the Pixelsphere" Video Sculpture , 2012 (1) 19" LED screen, (3) 4" LCD screens, pigmented plastic prints, clear plastic, wire, glass, crystal, foam,aluminum, resin, mirrors, fiber optics, media player, L.E.D's, 1 of 1 1080p HD video w. audio

featuring artists: Pedro Barbeito, [dNASAb], Cliff Evans, Carla Gannis, Shane Hope, Michael Rees, John F. Simon Jr., Vargas-Suarez Universal, Oliver Warden, and Marius Watz curated by: [dNASAb] in collaboration with Frederieke Taylor Gallery


The show to see, hear and marvel. On exhibition until October 7, 2012. "Colliding Complexities" @ storefrontbushwick. Artist Disney Nasa Borg =[dnasab] embodies this wild claim, but he throws it down and scores big. His work embodies the recognition factor blown to bits. It's a group show that Disney curated, documented, honed messages heated up in his video trailer, and literally hung the show (more than ably assisted by partner Desiree Konian). All the work in the show is strong and supports the idea that we've moved into the digital era century and artists of all persuasions have been at the forefront of the medium that changed everything. It's not new as much as it is boldly going into space, inside and out, literally and figuratively.

The collision is that we have a generation of artists now that didn't know what life was like before Apple, MS, or Gameboy. DNasaB mixes the art generations with a smooth physicality that transitions from the front of the gallery to the back. The attraction of painting, sculpture, and photography explodes in the farthest darkest cranny of the gallery. It's the glittering nightmare of the apocalyptic, a Blade Runner passion to push relentlessly in love and hate and madness until it's a smoldering wreck, flickering LED's sizzle cooly in the darkness. It's alive. Don't piss it off, but definitely try to see it in this formula, in the real. But what's real? What's time and distance between friends? Link up and see all the work and the artists speaking bumping colliding informing at times chaotically.

H-O 9/28/12


"Colliding Complexities-Extreme feats of the New York-New Aesthetic” September 21st-October 7th 2012, Curated by [dNASAb] in collaboration with the Frederieke Taylor Gallery PRATT Department of Digital Arts is hosting a Panel Discussion “Colliding Complexities-NewYork-New Aesthetic”, on Oct. 2nd,,2012. 6:30-8:30 pm. StorefrontBushwick 16 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn,NY 11237

The Show Goes On - Spencer Tunick and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK

July 13th, 2012 • Paul H-O
The Medical Art Experience -Spencer Krissy Alyssa

The Spencer Tunick Installation shoot for EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK - THE MERCER ST. MEDICAL CASE. It was produced by GalleryBeat's Kickstarter Project as a pledge level offering. It was a HAPPENING yo.

Eden has no shame.

It happened July 1st, at 4PM at the Mercer St. Medical office under the guidance of Dr. Daryl and Emily Isaacs. A blazing hot Sunday afternoon in the heart off Soho New York. The road to OK Street had enough potholes to have the producers scrambling for anxiety medication, as the 'office' was hysterical about mobs of naked anarchists running amok in the pristine new facility. This is the stuff of documentary movie making. Control. The feeling that one doesn't have it will create drama, maybe we need the drama, I know someone needs it. A good story needs it. So we have it, but it's love and guts that succeed the day.

To the Models, who not only are backers and believers of family medicine, but the family medicine, and the GalleryBeat crew that all came together with humanity, just as we came into the world; butt naked.

The Tunick Experience Crew included Kristin Bowler Tunick, Alyssa D'Anna.

The GalleryBeat Crew included producers Ken Kambara, Sono Osato, plus Ron Rocheleau, Tamara Weg, Lauren Zallo, Alec Isaacs, Savannah Spirit, and Paul H-O. The top two photos are by Lauren Zallo and Paul H-O and the second two are by Savannah Spirit. More stills included below by artist Savannah Spirit. All rights reserved by Savannah Spirit and Paul H-O, 2012.

Artnet Magazine Suddenly Ceases to Exist

June 29th, 2012 • Paul H-O
Artnet ceases to exist

It happened so quickly. It was over before we, the public, knew it. It happened on Monday. I don't know for sure but it's well-known SOP for corporate departmental extermination to give no warning but to blitz the targeted employees with pink slips before they can reciprocate the gift. The targets were all the employees of magazine. My call and emails to Walter Robinson have gone unanswered. There is so little information issued from artnet itself or Walter about the the end of the magazine.

There's quite a bit I could say about artnet Magazine since I began writing for artnet in 1996 with the first team of journalists Walter chose to launch the first major online art magazine in the world. It was, during it's tenure as the coffee shop of daily art chatter, the most visited online art portal to date.

I think it's bad sign, but a reality of an art world that is dangerously inflated in valuation, as well as self-importance. We can now surmise that the privilege of working in the glamorous world of art is thin ice at best, so it's safe to say it's a good business if you already have money and don't need to make money.

Cloud Nine @ The Front Room in Brooklyn

May 4th, 2012 • Paul H-O
Cloud Nine

Art by J. Fiber, close up, ink on paper. Cloud Nine is open until May 13

Anyway, I was at this opening (I'll have to borrow someone's snap since I didn't take any of the opening) and this show is called CLOUD NINE and it's at this Billyburg gallery, The Front Room, and it's crowded as shit, hot, the beers gone and I get introduced to this artist, Disney Nasa Borg, (?), and he's a surfer but he looks like he's from Road Warrior. So we're gabbin' about cold water when this angry little thing in glasses places herself in the middle of us, like a ref, looks up and says "excuse me but can I see the art?" and bulldozes her way to the big life size collage of a naked fat dude in a room encrusted with fast food wrappers. (by Cham Giobbi) She was a pisser that one. Why at an opening that is so damn crowded in a small room? It's not like I haven't seen it before but there is that simmering aggression of the desperate under appreciated artist that flowers in unlikely places. I appreciate her segway - so I went to the show the next day when the gallery was relatively quiet.

Photograph by Jung Nam Lee

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The Boredom with Art is About Over. A letter from the Editor

April 25th, 2012 • Paul H-O

What else can be said that the headline didn't take care of? I can't help it if there are times when art is just art and life is life and taking care of life or working on a film about doctors that I started and became all consuming and blotted out everything in it's path? I suppose working on a documentary is another form of long-form journalism. It's like I started it and it turned out I had to go to another country, medical country. But it's our country and it's our screwball heath non system and it effects everyone even if you don't think it effects you. It does. It surely will. It has more to do with art as much as it does finance. It's all connected. You'll see.

Pharmacists art the new bartenders is by Lisa Levy (aka Dr. Lisa)

New GBM Website for Mercer St. Medical Case - Kickstarting Soon

March 1st, 2012 • Paul H-O
Link to the new GBM website Mercer St. Medical Case Documentary Film Kickstarting Soon: Synopsis: Dr. Daryl Isaacs is a celebrated family man and physician, a co-star of SUPER SIZE ME, and suddenly faced with financial ruin when he can no longer afford the rent of his sprawling, art-filled Soho practice. After 30 years of medicine and longer hour of work than ever, Dr. Isaacs hits the existential wall, because he’s a complicated creature, uniquely gifted in his calling, but the ground has shifted under his feet, and it’s America. Paul H-O, patient, filmmaker and friend, responds to Isaacs' dilemma. Their connection is H-O’s film, Guest of Cindy Sherman. Isaacs was frantic, but he wasn't going down without a fight. He’s not alone as we learn. He has a team of support in Dr. Sapna Westley, the younger partner. It's “run and gun” verite with H-O embedded at the office for 2 months when Mercer Med goes homeless. That leads to a host of questions the GBM team attempt to answer in the unfolding story of life inside this unique facility. Has the “medical-industrial complex” eaten away at Mercer Medical, and will it survive? Are real family doctors a thing of the past? Rising star artist, and MSM patient Brian Alfred, tells his story of his experience of the first time in his life that he had a family doctor, because he finally has access to insurance, but also has started a family of his own.