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The Show Goes On - Spencer Tunick and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK

July 13th, 2012 • Paul H-O
The Medical Art Experience -Spencer Krissy Alyssa

The Spencer Tunick Installation shoot for EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK - THE MERCER ST. MEDICAL CASE. It was produced by GalleryBeat's Kickstarter Project as a pledge level offering. It was a HAPPENING yo.

Eden has no shame.

It happened July 1st, at 4PM at the Mercer St. Medical office under the guidance of Dr. Daryl and Emily Isaacs. A blazing hot Sunday afternoon in the heart off Soho New York. The road to OK Street had enough potholes to have the producers scrambling for anxiety medication, as the 'office' was hysterical about mobs of naked anarchists running amok in the pristine new facility. This is the stuff of documentary movie making. Control. The feeling that one doesn't have it will create drama, maybe we need the drama, I know someone needs it. A good story needs it. So we have it, but it's love and guts that succeed the day.

To the Models, who not only are backers and believers of family medicine, but the family medicine, and the GalleryBeat crew that all came together with humanity, just as we came into the world; butt naked.

The Tunick Experience Crew included Kristin Bowler Tunick, Alyssa D'Anna.

The GalleryBeat Crew included producers Ken Kambara, Sono Osato, plus Ron Rocheleau, Tamara Weg, Lauren Zallo, Alec Isaacs, Savannah Spirit, and Paul H-O. The top two photos are by Lauren Zallo and Paul H-O and the second two are by Savannah Spirit. More stills included below by artist Savannah Spirit. All rights reserved by Savannah Spirit and Paul H-O, 2012.

Artnet Magazine Suddenly Ceases to Exist

June 29th, 2012 • Paul H-O
Artnet ceases to exist

It happened so quickly. It was over before we, the public, knew it. It happened on Monday. I don't know for sure but it's well-known SOP for corporate departmental extermination to give no warning but to blitz the targeted employees with pink slips before they can reciprocate the gift. The targets were all the employees of magazine. My call and emails to Walter Robinson have gone unanswered. There is so little information issued from artnet itself or Walter about the the end of the magazine.

There's quite a bit I could say about artnet Magazine since I began writing for artnet in 1996 with the first team of journalists Walter chose to launch the first major online art magazine in the world. It was, during it's tenure as the coffee shop of daily art chatter, the most visited online art portal to date.

I think it's bad sign, but a reality of an art world that is dangerously inflated in valuation, as well as self-importance. We can now surmise that the privilege of working in the glamorous world of art is thin ice at best, so it's safe to say it's a good business if you already have money and don't need to make money.

Minority Report: GalleryBeat @ The Question Bridge's 150 Black Males Video Installation - Brooklyn Museum

February 8th, 2012 • Paul H-O
150 Diverse Black Men production team
GalleryBeat Minority Report: I'm the minority.
Principal artists: Chris Johnson (American, b. 1948) and Hank Willis Thomas (American, b. 1976), with Kamal Sinclair (American, b. 1976) and Bayeté Ross Smith (American, b. 1976). Question Bridge: Black Males, 2012. Multichannel video installation. January 13–June 3, 2012 Mezzanine Gallery, 2nd Floor

I rarely attend these museum parties anymore but I wanted to see this show, "150 Diverse Black Males", and be in a crowd where I really didn't know anyone. Turns out I knew about two, and met more, but I was an observer to another part of art culture that was a complex video/doc driven black male experience mash. I really wanted to see what, and who, were a part of producing this ambitious project of identity.

Installation view - projection image Installation View photo by H-O
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ARTISTS ANNOUNCED FOR WHITNEY BIENNIAL 2012 - Some Cool Choices for Movie Fans

December 21st, 2011 • Paul H-O

As usual, YOU, and a lot of good artists out in the cold again. Hey look it's VINCENT GALLO! WERNER HERZOG! ANGELINA JOLIE! Man, this is great, The good times are back for the lean mean WhitBi machine. Vincent Gallo? I have to look and see what his art looks like. I'll get into that later, if it matters at that point, this list just came out of the Press Office. H-O

NEW YORK, December 21, 2011—The Whitney Museum of American Art today announced the list of artists participating in the upcoming Whitney Biennial 2012, which takes place at the Whitney Museum from March 1 through May 27, 2012.

Kai Althoff, Thom Andersen, Charles Atlas, Lutz Bacher, Forrest Bess (paintings selected by artist Robert  more »

The Mercer Street Medical Case (v1 part 1) 3:40

November 7th, 2011 • Paul H-O

Popular Doctor for New York's Creative Community Gets Booted by Greedy Landlord

My version of Dr. House is real. New documentary at square two is in reality in pre-production, a drama with 27 hours of real-time video about Dr. Daryl Isaacs, the uniquely brilliant and prolific internist, gives me his story of the struggle with the American medical establishment fix - all specialists and no GP's. He demonstrates in check form the insanity of "for profit health insurance' companies", Isaacs' massive patient load, and the surprising facts behind his inclusion in the hit film - SUPERSIZE ME, by then documentary director, Morgan Spurlock.

The Mercer Street Medical Case begins as a New York real estate nightmare, because Daryl Isaacs loses the lease on his medical practice and must move by the end of May. It was April and I began shooting the  more »


October 30th, 2011 • Paul H-O

Here's the card. The line-up. The locator map. Curated by Henry Sanchez and including Phil (Brainpan) Beuhler, Carla (RunningDear) Gannis, Eve Andrea Laramee, Eto Otitigbe, then around the block to Curator Sanchez. Mash that landscape, boys and girls! Now if the L rain is running on Saturday the 5th... The equivalent of a good review is 'preview', and I say do the preview, so do it.

Sotheby's - Art Auction Action Against It's Art Handlers = STILL LOCKED OUT

October 30th, 2011 • Paul H-O

While many in the hoch-kunst elite and it's hopefuls would rather turn a blind eye (the other is tone deaf) to the union-busting attempts at the lower wage scale employees of Sotheby's - the online art zine HYPERALLERGIC seems pretty busy looking at the not pretty picture of big ticket art, and producing content on it's discontents. I'm liking it. I recommend it, even if one of it's sponsors is part of the problem.