About GalleryBeat

After seven years, H-O and a new team are back on the Beat. After completing and gaining theatrical, television, downloads and DVD distribution for the film, Guest of Cindy Sherman, which is culled from the archival footage of GBTV, there’s been a clamor for all forms of GalleryBeat—old and new. So, we have started a new little monster, GalleryBeat Media. you can find classic GBTV, new webisodes on the current art scene, the new Cooking with GalleryBeat Talk Show, Dr. Lisa Levy, and much more as haute culture chaotically transforms itself into a posturing morass on the uneven economic playing field. GalleryBeat maintains it’s original playful nonstructure of covering the arts: that art is smart, fun, artists of all types can be hilariously enlightening, and the ‘art system’ itself is at best, suspect.

The Backstory
GalleryBeat was accidently discovered in 1993 by artist Paul H-O on the streets of New York’s Soho district, while on a routine scan of local art galleries. Along with Walter Robinson, then News Editor for Art in America Magazine, H-O videotaped the ‘Day in the Life’ style that typified the weekly gallery trek that H-O and Robinson experienced while examining the odd industry of contemporary art. H-O took the videotape and produced a very realtime public access show, Art TV’s Gallery Beat. Not long after producing a few shows, another Art in America editor, Cathy Lebowitz, joined Paul and Walter because they were unbalanced and needed a woman’s perspective of sanity. The poor video style of Paul was then so headache-inducing that photographer Spencer Tunick and Ron Rocheleau took the camera in hand to save a growing public audience from ‘Extreme Shaky Cam Syndrome’. Thus, Gallery Beat Television was on it’s way for the next eight years.

We taped art exhibits of every kind and any venue from crap galleries to great galleries to museums. GBTV amassed 160 half-hour episodes featuring the work of over a thousand artists in 250 galleries, including artist’s interviews, studios, and chance street encounters. GBTV recorded the changes from art’s cottage industry in SoHo to the biggest art mall on earth, the Chelsea district. Find the Archive of GBTV here.

The Team
Paul Hasegawa-Overacker (H-O)

Walter Robinson and Cathy Lebowitz

GBTV Classic Hosts

Lisa Levy

Art Psychoanalyst

Samantha Schlaifer

Correspondent/ Producer

Ron Rocheleau and Concrete TV
- Weird ideas

Gaia Baldini  - Editing and Production

Nando Alvarez – Asst -Production/Camera Operator