It happened so quickly. It was over before we, the public, knew it. It happened on Monday. I don't know for sure but it's well-known SOP for corporate departmental extermination to give no warning but to blitz the targeted employees with pink slips before they can reciprocate the gift. The targets were all the employees of magazine. My call and emails to Walter Robinson have gone unanswered. There is so little information issued from artnet itself or Walter about the the end of the magazine.

There's quite a bit I could say about artnet Magazine since I began writing for artnet in 1996 with the first team of journalists Walter chose to launch the first major online art magazine in the world. It was, during it's tenure as the coffee shop of daily art chatter, the most visited online art portal to date.

I think it's bad sign, but a reality of an art world that is dangerously inflated in valuation, as well as self-importance. We can now surmise that the privilege of working in the glamorous world of art is thin ice at best, so it's safe to say it's a good business if you already have money and don't need to make money.

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