Popular Doctor for New York's Creative Community Gets Booted by Greedy Landlord

My version of Dr. House is real. New documentary at square two is in reality in pre-production, a drama with 27 hours of real-time video about Dr. Daryl Isaacs, the uniquely brilliant and prolific internist, gives me his story of the struggle with the American medical establishment fix - all specialists and no GP's. He demonstrates in check form the insanity of "for profit health insurance' companies", Isaacs' massive patient load, and the surprising facts behind his inclusion in the hit film - SUPERSIZE ME, by then documentary director, Morgan Spurlock.

The Mercer Street Medical Case begins as a New York real estate nightmare, because Daryl Isaacs loses the lease on his medical practice and must move by the end of May. It was April and I began shooting the initial shock for Dr. Isaacs, at his request, and for two months the story just got more tense as Mercer St. Medical boxed it's files and equipment for a brutally fast exit for an unknown destination. Do they find another space without breaking up like a ship on a reef? Test mashup from inside Mercer Street Medical, as I move in, and the staff prepares to move out. Now the real work begins for all of us, as I try to find out the root cause for the good doctor's spiral of anxiety over the health of his practice and his profession as a family doctor.

Paul H-O shoots and directs part one & two. 2011 - A Filmlike Films and GalleryBeat Media Production Music by Don Chambers of Athens, Georgia

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