Directed and edited by former intern Roger Adams. He was the only intern still in high school I ever hired. He's the only one that ever applied. He made a very good film at 16, it's called "Slapboxing".

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  1. by AylaTue Sep 25, 2012
    8:12 pm

    My mom has 2-3 of those big plastic bins for each of us kids in her bmenaest. She’s saved the highlights (aka not every single little piece) of our artwork and projects, all report cards, neat school assignments, awards and certificates, X-mas lists, etc from us all through growing up. They cover infant through HS graduation.Now that we’re grown and moved away from home, we all get to go through the bins and see everything. Once we sort through it, we can pitch/keep what we want. But I think it will be a lot of fun! DH and I plan to go through my bins at X-mas this year.

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