Concrete TV Sample 13

May 11th, 2011 • Paul H-O
Concrete TV is a NYC-based public access show by Ron Rocheleau that combines sex, violence and art. STARK RAVING MANIAC WORK OF BRILLIANCE.  For more information Ron Rocheleau has also been firmly at work with GalleryBeat on and off since the 1990's when we were both Public Access producers. Ron's lurid hypervision of a digital schizophrenia began before this could be done on a computer, so he hasn't bothered to get one at all. I think that is the sign of the artist, at least the compulsory type that works more like a writer, and doesn't draw on everything that doesn't move. He talks a lot. He makes me nuts. He also makes moving pictures into deep streams of neurological wonder. The new box set will put you away for good. H-O

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