GalleryBeat Media Report:  GO SEE THE SHOW OPEN UNTIL MARCH 5
Curated by Eric Doeringer, this artist manque group show (look it up) delivers a number of blows against the Empire. Exhibited in the less spacious gallery it inhabited in Chelsea, even the non-profit Elizabeth Foundation in it's present space serves as a gritty reminder that all is not well in the art world masked in image maintenance. They could use some shades, that would help. The show itself is hilarious and informative while exhibiting an excellent skill set of art that dares to critique artist and the establishment the artist so dearly wants to be part of, maybe.
EFA Project Space, 323 W 39th St. NYC  Part 1 Hosted by Paul H-O and Lisa Levy assisted by Phil Beuhler. GalleryBeat. net is  almost non-commercial, we'd like to change that.

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