Directed by Garett Holden Produced by Paul H-O Camera - Garett Holden and Paul H-O

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  1. by LuisTue Sep 25, 2012
    7:24 pm

    说:NunTown,Dont count CV out just yet theyre still alive and kinkcig or should I say jumping. I would agree overall Jabari Brown is probably the better player, the difference is that Juan Anderson has a more talented supporting cast. You can shut down one player but when theres two more who can do the same damage its a pretty tough assignment. What Im waiting to see is what the DLS coach comes up with to try and stop CV on Saturday because what he tried in the NCS final ended up an eighteen point CV Blowout. My guess is DLS tries to turn up the defensive heat and see if CV cracks. CV will have to protect the ball and make their free throws to win I think.

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