DVD is out - buy it from the Guest of Cindy Sherman site! Out takes from the film interview with megastar Danny DeVito. Co-director Paul H-O introduces the clip for his Facebook friends (3 minutes) and makes it seem even longer. It was the unfounded understanding that Mr. DeVito is something of an art collector, and during the course of interviewing Mr. DeVito the directors Tom Donahue and Paul find that the art collecting reputation was more of a rumor, and that Mr. DeVito does not have much material interest in art or photography. This leaves the directors, especially Paul, in an awkward position, which the experienced raconteur Devito picks up on and uses that realization to reduce H-O to a stammering boob. We still plow on and get the funniest soundbites in the film, so it was worth every bead of sweat. Danny DeVito, good man.

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  1. by TriastaTue Sep 25, 2012
    10:58 pm

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