Classic GalleryBeat Television

December 8th, 2010 • Paul H-O
Episode 75 Part 1 of 3  -  In this first portion of the half hour Classic GBTV episode, the GalleryBeat Crew makes ready to storm the Second Annual Gramercy Hotel Art Fair.  Cathy has her "special defining moment," Paul and Walter have their power struggle, and then the crew discuss their itinerary and what a bunch of snots the British are.  At the end the crew makes their first fair stop at Paula Cooper Gallery. A long time ago, in the distant year 1994, medium-sized New York art dealers Pat Hearn, Colin De Land, and Lisa Spellman started an art fair in the the historically seedy Gramercy Hotel, famous for housing rock bands on tour and for it's piano bar. It was also located right across the street from very tony Gramercy Park, exclusive to the residents of said park, and you still need a key to enter it. This was the beginning of the contemporary art fair in the U.S., and would ultimately become one of the most lucrative trade fairs for art on earth, The Armory Show. I used to look forward to hitting the Gramercy Art Fair, with it's funky rooms turned into funkier New York and international galleries. Almost everyone had a bathroom show, and there were plenty of galleries we would never see again on the planet. Basically, it was a home-made art fair, on the cheap and using all the creativity artist and dealer could drum up for a 3 day run of fun, and maybe a sale or two.

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