Gallery Beat (now GalleryBeat) really began with the high-powered Whitney biennial of 1993 - if you google that year you will find that it is the most explosive Biennial on record.Race and gender was a big theme and artists with strong political orientation in their work used the Biennial as a platform to vent their provocative ideas. The interweb hadn't been up to speed (it barely existed) so it was up to print and TV media to go starkers. Which they did. The '93 Whitney Bi became the poster child of all that what was wrong with contemporary art and how twisted it was. As far as GBTV was concerned, this was action TV and the best Biennial we've ever seen. Check out the Guerilla Girls poster for the '93 WhitBi. More of the Whitney show itself is catapulted to the forefront in our film "Guest of Cindy Sherman".... And the artist that calls Charlie Finch an asshole  there is Paula Hayes, as he said in comment.

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  1. by charlie finchSat Jan 09, 2010
    10:23 am

    Wow those trannies are almost as hot as Paula Hayes

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